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SPR fate map
The excitation of Surface Plasmon by light is denoted as a Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) for planar surfaces or Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance (LSPR) for nanometer-sized metallic structures.
This phenomenon is the basis of many standard tools for measuring adsorption of material onto planar metal (typically gold and silver) surface or onto the surface of metal Nanoparticles. It is behind many color based biosensor applications and different lab-on-a-chip sensors.
SPR using rotating mirror
Using laser diode as light source
Using rotating mirror (KRIBB has patent) as polarized light
Incoming beam interacts with the plasma waves on the gold surface and excites the Plasmon
CCD image sensor detects reflected light, which is excited Plasmon from the gold surface
Reducing an interference phenomenon using short or straight wave
Maximize beam power uniformity of two dimension laser
High applicability an properties analysis for chemical and Bio materials, which is absorbed an sensor chip
Making high degree of precision, which is the main concern of small SPR sensor system
Patent : Manufacturing smallest SPR Biosensor system
Technology patent for Miniaturize Hardware (SPR using rotating mirror)
[International Patent : PCT/KR2008/004701 ; Korean Patent : 20078-0083394]